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On Demand Postpartum Course

Access an online Childbirth Education Course taught by certified Birth Doula & Birthing From Within Trained Childbirth Educator Cara Lee.

What you'll get:

  • Confidence navigating postpartum.
  • Evidence-based postpartum & breast & body feeding knowledge. 
  • Learn what to expect emotionally in the first weeks.
  • Learn what to expect physically in the first weeks.
  • Learn how to establish your milk supply for a long term body feeding relationship.
  • Learn early signs of huger in a newborn and how to know if your newborn is getting enough milk.
  • Discuss postpartum as the 4th Trimester.
  • A postpartum class that honors birth as transformative no matter how you parent and feed your baby.
  • Downloadable PDF Workbook with preparation checklists, postpartum supply lists, and conversations to have ahead of time with your partner.
  • Immediate access to 2+ hours of instruction, efficiently delivered in 15 minute lessons.
  • Lifetime Membership - Work through the course at your own pace in the comfort of your home.
  • Access to certified birth doula Cara Lee.

What People Are Saying:

I absolutely love Cara’s gentle and loving energy and how it translates into the ...material in this course. She presents information without bias or judgement and lets you decide whether this is something that you want to apply or not. Her perspectives are balanced and delivered with the birthing person in mind, drawing from personal experience and the wisdom she’s gained from being a doula. Even though this is an online course, I feel like the content is very informative and educational without being boring or dry, even if you are not a first time parent. I love that we are learning not just about what happens...physically and anatomically but also what we can do to prepare the spirit and mind for this process.

Nancy M.

The Brave Journey Birth Prep Program was a fabulous experience for my partner and I to go through together. The go at our own pace style made it so we did not have to rush through anything, and we were able to have meaningful conversations with each other. Cara’s compassion and experience shines through in each lesson. I feel much more confident.

Jaymie & Eli

One of the biggest things that I have remembered from the course is actually on breastfeeding, and the 4th trimester. I found it so extremely helpful to have a module to discuss this, as it’s such a huge part of the process! Regarding breastfeeding, “the first 3 weeks is the most important time to establish your milk supply.” I have repeated those words multiple times in the past 2 months postpartum! I attribute my sufficient supply of milk to following Cara’s advice to completely empty your breasts every 3 hours. It was very difficult to follow that seemingly simple task, but I truly feel like it’s made all the difference.

Rachel & Ryan

I will admit that we tried multiple times to find in-person classes, but ... were unsuccessful. So I was initially pretty hesitant to take an online course, as I was worried I wouldn’t be able to be as engaged or committed. However both my partner and I have really enjoyed the content and found it engaging and useful. You can tell Cara is extremely knowledgeable and the program helped us both feel confident that we can do this!

Rachel D.

Katlin really appreciated how it felt like we were in this virtual living room with Cara sitting right there with us. It was calm and soothing to watch the videos. ... The Brave Journey course is a contemplative's approach to birth preparation. And that is very wonderful.

Katlin & Hal D. L.