Prenatal Birth Coaching Package

Prenatal Birth Coaching with Birth Doula Cara Lee Kiggins includes two private 90 minute coaching sessions plus immediate access to 8+ hours on-demand birth and postpartum preparation videos.

Once you purchase a Prenatal Birth Coaching session, Cara will contact you to schedule your first of two 90 minute live coaching calls.

What you'll get:

  • Confidence navigating the birth process in our modern medical context.
  • Effective labor coping strategies.
  • Evidence-based birth knowledge. 
  • A birth preparation experience that honors birth as transformative no matter where your baby is born.
  • Downloadable PDF Workbook with preparation checklists, Labor Position "Cheat Sheets", and coping strategy tips.
  • Immediate access to 8+ hours of instruction, efficiently delivered in 10-15 minute lessons.
  • Lifetime Membership - Work through birth & postpartum lesson videos at your own pace in the comfort of your home.
  • Two 90 minute Prenatal Birth Coaching sessions with certified birth doula Cara Lee.
  • Additional sessions can be purchased at a continuing client discount of $95/session. 
  • FREE BONUS: Body Balancing Prenatal Yoga Videos

In addition to the comprehensive on-demand course, you'll get two live 90 minute calls for experiential learning, birth art, journaling, Q&A and discussion.

BONUS! (Until I run out of these items ;)) A welcome package mailed to your door (limited quantity, first come first served). This curated package includes:

  • Brave Journey Journal 
  • Grounding Candle
  • Peaceful Pregnancy Tea 
  • Printed workbook including preparation checklists, handouts, and labor coping 'cheat sheets', mailed to you.

What People Are Saying:

I feel more confident and hopeful. My partner and I feel more connected as we go into this next birth together. He appreciated the open, safe space to discuss questions and share vulnerabilities.

Allie U.

I absolutely love Cara’s gentle and loving energy and how it translates into the birthing material in this course. She presents information without bias or judgement and lets you decide whether this is something that you want to apply or not. Her perspectives are balanced and delivered with the birthing person in mind, drawing from personal experience and the wisdom she’s gained from being a doula. Even though this is an online course, I feel like the content is very informative and educational without being boring or dry, even if you are not a first time parent. I love that we are learning not just about what happens during labor physically and anatomically but also what we can do to prepare the spirit and mind for this process. It’s truly been a pleasure taking this course and going deeper than just the bodily changes that happen during pregnancy and labor.

Nancy M.

One of the modules I initially wanted to skip was on interventions. The plan was always to have an unmedicated birth, so I figured that module wasn’t relevant to me. And even though we thankfully did have the birth experience we were hoping for, I was very grateful we took the time to learn about various interventions that may be necessary in the course of birth. It helped me to not feel afraid if that outcome was something we had to endure. Again, knowledge is such a valuable tool when it comes to managing pain and fear.

Rachel D.

The Brave Journey Birth Prep Program was a fabulous experience for my partner and I to go through together. The go at our own pace style made it so we did not have to rush through anything, and we were able to have meaningful conversations with each other. Cara’s compassion and experience shines through in each lesson. I feel much more confident navigating my birth.

Jaymie & Eli

I didn’t think I needed to take a birth prep course since I already have a 3 year old. But going through this material made me realize that birthing is more than just checking in to a hospital and delivering a baby. In my previous birthing experience I didn’t feel like I had any ownership or control over my situation, I had to just give myself over to the hospital staff and hope for the best. But now, thanks to this course I’ve learned to find my voice and establish preferences on things that I didn’t know I could ask for… for example, things like being able to walk around during early labor, change positions, eat/drink, dimming lights, and even asking hospital staff to prioritize skin-to-skin. I appreciate Cara and this course so much for giving me that and for helping me establish a connection to this process.

Nancy M.

I will admit that we tried multiple times to find in-person classes, but ... were unsuccessful. So I was initially pretty hesitant to take an online course, as I was worried I wouldn’t be able to be as engaged or committed. However both my partner and I have really enjoyed the content and found it engaging and useful. You can tell Cara is extremely knowledgeable and the program helped us both feel confident that we can do this!

Rachel & Ryan

Katlin really appreciated how it felt like we were in this virtual living room with Cara sitting right there with us. It was calm and soothing to watch the videos. ... The Brave Journey course is a contemplative's approach to birth preparation. And that is very wonderful.

Kaytlin & Hal

What really resonated with us was Cara's open-minded, culturally sensitive, and holistic approach to the many different ways of birthing. Her approach connects evidence-based principles, including the latest scientific research, with the emotional, spiritual, and intensely personal dimensions of birthing. We also enjoyed the incorporation of art, movement, and humor. The ice, breathing, and stretching practices were particularly helpful.

Danielle & Noah

I was surprised at how easy it was to fall in to "labor land". I labored through most of my pitocin induction by using the coping strategies I learned in the course and time went so quickly. Even three hours of pushing felt like a moment.

Jaymie C. & Baby River

$450.00 USD