Brave Journey Birth Preparation Program


A comprehensive online program preparing you to give birth and navigate postpartum. A course grounded in evidence & carefully designed to ensure you access birth wisdom, practice efficient coping strategies, learn the benefits & risks of common medical interventions, & prepare for postpartum.

“Know what to plan and know what can't be planned.”

During your pregnancy, you are bombarded with messages of how you 'should' give birth, or how to give birth the 'right' way.

There is no one 'right' way to birth. In this program, you will build knowledge, tools, & skills to bravely navigate your own personal childbirth & postpartum journey so you can confidently navigate whatever surprises your birth journey might bring!


Gain immediate access to 8+ hours of instruction in efficient 10-15 minute lessons.

Includes worksheets, checklists, labor position & coping strategy 'cheat sheets', infant feeding tips, postpartum recovery tips, and bonus body balancing prenatal yoga.

(Read on for more information about options to purchase the Pregnancy & Birth, and the Postpartum courses separately)

Purchase On Demand Course: $135


Hybrid 90 Minute Live Virtual Session+ 8 Hours of at-your-own-pace Video Lessons + Bonus Gift Package on your doorstep including printed handouts

Complete video lessons on your own time, and discuss & process what you've learned in a live private call.  The live online session includes experiential learning, comfort measures, coping strategies, birth art, & discussion around your specific circumstances.

Purchase Private Course: $450

On Demand

Comprehensive course featuring over 8 hours of efficient 10-15 minute lessons taught by certified Birth Doula & Birthing From Within Trained Childbirth Educator Cara Lee Kiggins.

  • Printable worksheets and handouts so that you can reflect on your own journey
  • Checklists and “cheat sheets” so you can plan and show up prepared
  • Bonus content for reflection and connecting with your mind, body, and baby
  • Lifetime Membership - Work through the course at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

Pregnancy and Birth On Demand Course

Over 6 hours of content for navigating pregnancy and birth in a medical context, including.

  • Effective labor coping strategies including labor positions so that you can navigate your labor, pushing, and birthing with confidence. 
  • Evidence-based birth knowledge so that you can make informed decisions mindfully aware of the purpose, benefits, and risks of common medical interventions.

Postpartum On Demand Course

Over 2 hours of content navigating the postpartum experience with your baby.

  • Evidence-based postpartum & breast & body feeding knowledge so that you can set yourself up for a confident postpartum and breast & body feeding experience. 
  • What to expect physically & emotionally so that you can navigate your postpartum recovery with confidence and self-compassion. 
  • How to establish your milk supply & know if your newborn is getting enough milk so that you take advantage of those important first weeks of establishing breast & body feeding.

Pregnancy & Birth On Demand Online Course



On Demand Bundle


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  • Pregnancy & Birth Course
  • Postpartum Course

Postpartum On Demand Course



Private Class

In addition to the comprehensive Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum on-demand courses, you'll join Cara in a facilitated private call for experiential learning, comfort measures, birth art, journaling, Q&A, and discussion around your specific circumstances.

Private Class 

Best for expectant families with a limited schedule or nearing the end of your pregnancy. You'll gain immediate access to the course lessons and I (Cara) will contact you to schedule your 90 minute live virtual session. Depending on your individual circumstances, our live session may include comfort measures, coping strategies, birth art, reflection, Q&A, and discussion.

Purchase Private Class: $450

Danielle & Noah T.

I definitely felt more knowledgeable and confident after the class, which helped reduce my anxiety as I processed information and made decisions during the birth.

Rachel & Ryan D.

One of the modules I initially wanted to skip was on interventions. The plan was always to have an unmedicated birth, so I figured that module wasn’t relevant to me. And even though we thankfully did have the birth experience we were hoping for, I was very grateful we took the time to learn about various interventions that may be necessary in the course of birth. It helped me to not feel afraid if that outcome was something we had to endure. Again, knowledge is such a valuable tool when it comes to managing pain and fear.

Jaymie & Eli C.

I was surprised at how easy it was to fall in to "labor land". I labored through most of my pitocin induction by using the coping strategies I learned in the course and time went so quickly. Even three hours of pushing felt like a moment. 


Hi! I'm Cara (she/her).


Hi! I'm Cara (she/her). I've been helping people prepare for and navigate deeply transformative and unfamiliar experiences for nearly two decades. I had a successful career leading social change programs in the nonprofit and public policy sector until the birth of my first child. In the past nearly ten years since then I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of pregnant people as a certified Birth Doula, a Birthing From Within trained Childbirth Educator, and Soul of Yoga trained Prenatal Yoga Teacher. 

The births of my two kids as well as the births of those I'm honored to attend as a doula continually solidify my commitment to ensuring birthing people are prepared to navigate the transformation and surprises of birth. When preparing you for labor, birth, and postpartum I ensure you know your options, build your birth knowledge, have an opportunity practice labor coping strategies, and are reminded of your courage and resilience as you navigate birth in our modern medical context. 

Informed decision making strategies are a large component of Brave Journey courses and I'm fiercely committed to body autonomy & judgement-free birth education where expectant parents build the knowledge and tools to seek information and practice clarifying what feels right for you. 

I'm located in Phoenix, AZ however course participants are located globally.

My approach is trauma-aware, LGBTQIA+ inclusive, and nonjudgmental.


Brave Journey Childbirth Preparation

Thanking my teachers

I have an enormous amount of gratitude & respect for all of those who have guided my professional path. I would especially like to thank and acknowledge Julie Mitchell, my own Doula, who invited me to shadow her at my first birth as a Doula, the late Therese Hak Kun of ToLabor whose wisdom and advice I still hear coming out of my mouth (she continues to positively impact birthing people even after passing away), and Virginia Bobro of Birthing From Within. And I am especially grateful to the many hundreds of pregnant people I have had the honor of working with over the past years. You have taught me so very much. Thank you.