Brave Journey Online Birth Preparation Course

Access 8+ hours of childbirth preparation in bite-sized 10-15 minute lessons, available immediately.

  • Learn effective labor coping strategies and get access to helpful worksheets, checklists, labor position and coping strategy 'cheat sheets'.
  • Discover essential infant feeding tips and postpartum recovery tips, and receive a bonus body balancing prenatal yoga.
Paid in Full - $299
Payment Plan - 4 x $79

Brave Journey Birth Preparation Course 


Get fully equipped for the journey of childbirth and postpartum with our comprehensive online program. Discover practical guidance on navigating the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of childbirth, including effective labor coping strategies and evidence-based information on common medical interventions. Prepare for breast and body feeding success and ensure your partner is equipped to support you confidently during labor and birth. The Brave Journey Birth Prep program offers a wealth of resources, including videos, handouts, checklists, exercises, and prenatal yoga.

Alex & Marvin T.

This course was wonderful and we'd highly recommend it to our friends/family. The flow and structure of the content was well thought out and the handouts are really helpful to have. 

Rachel & Ryan D.

I was very grateful we took the time to learn about various interventions that may be necessary in the course of birth ... knowledge is such a valuable tool when it comes to managing pain and fear.

Jaymie & Eli C.

I labored through most of my pitocin induction by using the coping strategies I learned in the course and time went so quickly. Even three hours of pushing felt like a moment. 

Paid in Full - $299
Payment Plan - 4 x $79

On Demand Course Details

Comprehensive course featuring over 8 hours of efficient 10-15 minute lessons taught by certified Birth Doula & Birthing From Within Trained Childbirth Educator Cara Lee Kiggins.

  • Printable worksheets and handouts so that you can reflect on your own physical, emotional, and spiritual journey
  • Checklists, “cheat sheets”, and exercises so you can plan and show up prepared
  • Bonus content for reflection and connecting with your mind, body, and baby
  • Flexibility - Work through the course at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

Prepare for Pregnancy and Birth

Get empowering content for navigating pregnancy and birth in a medical context.

  • Learn effective labor coping strategies and positions to confidently navigate your labor and birthing process.
  • Make informed decisions based on evidence-based birth knowledge, understanding the purpose, benefits, and risks of common medical interventions.

Prepare for Postpartum

Confidently navigate the postpartum experience with your baby.

  • Gain evidence-based knowledge on postpartum, breast & body feeding, and emotional and physical transitions to confidently navigate your recovery.
  • Learn how to establish your milk supply and ensure your newborn is getting enough milk to set yourself up for success.

Allie U. says:

I feel more confident and hopeful. My partner and I feel more connected as we go into this next birth together. He appreciated the open, safe space to discuss questions and share vulnerabilities.

Fabiola says:

It's incredible how much knowledge and wisdom Cara imparts to you. It is beautifully taught and lovingly explained and I find the added worksheets so very helpful. 

Deana C. says:

...I also appreciated the accompanying handouts in each lesson that we can take with us on our birthing journey (we've already printed out some!). 

By the end of this course,
you’ll be able to:

  • Greet early labor contractions at home with confidence and excitement and a position-sheet for early labor in hand
  • Or walk into the hospital for your labor induction with confidence, a birth plan you've collaborated on with your care provider, and a tips for labor induction worksheet in hand..
  • Or head in to meet your baby via cesarean, confident in the gentle and family-centered surgical birth practices you have prepared for with your medical team.
  • Establish your milk supply after baby arrives, and start a healthy postpartum relationship with your baby, your self, and your partner.

 Hi! I'm Cara (she/her).


Hi there, I'm Cara (she/her), and I have spent nearly two decades guiding individuals through transformative and unfamiliar experiences. After leading successful social change programs in the nonprofit and public policy sector, my world shifted with the birth of my first child. Since then, I have dedicated myself to empowering expectant parents as a certified Birth Doula, a Birthing From Within trained Childbirth Educator, and Soul of Yoga trained Prenatal Yoga Teacher.

With each birth I attend, including the ones of my own children, my commitment to supporting birthing people grows stronger. My passion is ensuring expectant parents are prepared to navigate the transformation and surprises of birth. My approach to childbirth education is grounded in knowledge-building, practicing labor coping strategies, and recognizing the courage and resilience that parents bring to the experience.

At Brave Journey, I prioritize informed decision-making strategies and fiercely support body autonomy and judgement-free birth education. Through my courses, expectant parents globally gain the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions and clarify what feels right for them. My trauma-aware, LGBTQIA+ inclusive, and nonjudgmental approach to childbirth education ensures that everyone feels supported and heard.

Based in Phoenix, AZ, I am committed to serving individuals from all over the world. Let's work together to make your birth journey a brave one.


Be the Boss of Your Birth Room

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to childbirth, and that's why Brave Journey Birth Prep provide you with the knowledge, tools, and skills to bravely navigate your personal journey. The  Birth & Postpartum Prep program empowers you to confidently overcome any surprises that may arise during your childbirth and postpartum journey. Let's help you create a birth experience that aligns with your values and beliefs, and gives you the confidence to own your birth journey.

Paid in Full - $299
Payment Plan- 4 x $79

Thanking my teachers

I have an enormous amount of gratitude & respect for all of those who have guided my professional path. I would especially like to thank and acknowledge Julie Mitchell, my own Doula, who invited me to shadow her at my first birth as a Doula, the late Therese Hak Kun of ToLabor whose wisdom and advice I still hear coming out of my mouth (she continues to positively impact birthing people even after passing away), and Virginia Bobro of Birthing From Within. And I am especially grateful to the many hundreds of pregnant people I have had the honor of working with over the past years. You have taught me so very much. Thank you.

Begin Your Journey

Join the Brave Journey Birth & Postpartum Preparation Course and prepare for your birth on your own schedule, with ongoing resources at your fingertips in your birth room and postpartum.

Paid in Full - $299
Payment Plan- 4 x $79