Prenatal Birth Coaching

Customizable birth & postpartum preparation sessions with Birth Doula & Childbirth Educator, Cara Lee Kiggins.


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Practice effective coping strategies and comfort measures for labor.



Build your confidence navigating common medical interventions & making informed decisions.



Connect with yourself and your birth partner through birth art, self-reflection, and facilitated discussion.


Prenatal birth coaching is an opportunity for you to work directly with Cara in building your coping strategies and a resilient mindset, building your birth plan and preferences, and connecting with yourself and your partner and you create a unified birth team.

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From Cara:

"Learn what to plan for your birth experience, and what can't be planned."


Book a free 15 minute discovery call
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I feel more confident and hopeful. My partner and I feel more connected as we go into this next birth together. He appreciated the open, safe space to discuss questions and share vulnerabilities.

-Allie & Brad

Cara's approach connects evidence-based principles, including the latest scientific research, with the emotional, spiritual, and intensely personal dimensions of birthing. We also enjoyed the incorporation of art, movement, and humor. The ice, breathing, and stretching practices were particularly helpful.

-Danielle & Noah

Cara presents information without bias or judgement and lets you decide whether this is something that you want to apply or not. Her perspectives are balanced and delivered with the birthing person in mind, drawing from personal experience and the wisdom she’s gained from being a doula.

-Nancy M.

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