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Brave Journey Birth & Postpartum Preparation Program

A comprehensive online program preparing you with practical guidance to navigate birth and postpartum. Prepare for not only the physical aspects, but also the emotional and spiritual aspects of childbirth. Practice effective labor coping strategies, learn the evidence on benefits & risks of common medical interventions, & prepare for postpartum. Resources include videos, handouts, checklists, exercises, prenatal yoga.

On-Demand and Live Cohort Options.


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Hi I'm Cara

Hi! I'm Cara (she/her). I've been helping people prepare for and navigate deeply transformative and unfamiliar experiences for nearly two decades. I had a successful career leading advocacy programs for survivors of trauma in the nonprofit sector until the birth of my first child. In the past nearly ten years since then I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of pregnant people as a Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Prenatal Yoga Teacher. 

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Accurate, quality, and evidence-based birth information, uncomplicating medical spaces and empowering birthing people in the process. 

Connect with your community, as well as with yourself, creating an assurance of internal strength and courage for the journey ahead.

Inclusive of all birthing people and all types of births. A portion of revenue is redirected towards justice and equity for all birthing people.

Free Birth Plan Templates

While you can't 'plan' birth, creating a Birth Preferences document in collaboration with your OB or Midwife will help you get to know your care provider, learn your birth facility options, and practice being an active participant in your birth experience.

Download "Birth Bag Packing List and Mini-Class"

This birth bag packing list pdf and mini-class video shows you what to bring and how to set the tone in your birth room to own your space as you birth your baby.

Weaving in nurturing practices & advocacy tools, Brave Journey empowers pregnant people & your partners through foundational knowledge of evidence based practices, and guides you in preparation for your own unique birthing and postpartum journey.

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Birth Preparation Resources

Weekly videos, free downloads, and printables covering all topics birth and postpartum.


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