Ten Questions for Your Doctor or Midwife 

Ensure your medical care provider is exactly who you want helping you birth your baby.

Use these questions as a communication tool to ensure your medical care provider's perspectives, values, and philosophies about birth are in alignment with yours. There are no 'right' answers, just as there is no one 'right' way to birth your baby. In addition to determining alignment, you're also learning how your medical care provider will work with you. If your medical care provider answers these questions respectfully - great! That's a great sign! Alternatively, if your medical care provider reacts defensively, with irritation, or impatience - red flag.

This is the perfect starting point even if you're later in your pregnancy or worried about navigating your relationship with your medical care providers. Grab the 10 Questions for Your Medical Care Provider pdf, and begin your brave journey. 

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 Use these questions as a communication tool and build a birth team you can rely on.

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