Hospital Bag Packing List pdf + Free Mini Lesson Video

Learn how to set the tone in your birth room.

Send the message to yourself as well as your medical care providers that you own your birth space, that this is your safe place, that this is the place where you will meet your baby.

Bring items that soothe and ground your mind, body, emotions, & spirit and enable the hormones of labor to take the lead while inviting the hormones of fear and anxiety to take a back set.

This is the perfect starting point even if you're early in your pregnancy or worried about navigating your birth space and your relationship with your medical care providers. Grab the Hospital Bag Packing List pdf + Mini Lesson Video, and begin your brave journey. 


Access your Packing List + Mini Lesson

Use the items you bring to set the tone in your birth room and own your birth space.

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