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Download Birth Plan Templates

Edit these templates to make them your own. While you can't plan birth, you can create a Birth Preferences document in collaboration with your OB or Midwife to educate yourself and practice being an active participant in your birth experience.

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Download Printable Affirmation Cards

Print these affirmation cards and use them to prepare for your birth, and then when you go into labor you can put them up around your birth room!  


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Download "Birth Bag Packing List"

This birth bag packing list PDF download and mini-class video shows you what to bring to the Hospital or Birth Center; and how to set the tone in your birth room to own your space as you birth your baby.

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Download "10 Questions"

Aside from the way your body and your baby's body are built - your choice of medical care provider and birth facility will have the biggest impact on your birth experience. Use these ten questions to ensure your medical care provider is exactly who you want helping you birth your baby. Begin building a respectful & collaborative relationship with your medical care provider.

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Download "Labor Tips: Birth Partner Cheat Sheet"

Including the tips I find myself repeating most often when attending a birth, this is the perfect starting point for a partner with little experience supporting a birthing person in labor. Grab the Labor Tips Birth Partner Cheat Sheet, and begin your brave journey. .

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Comprehensive Birth Course

Navigate birth with courage. Build the knowledge & coping skills to bravely birth & postpartum your own unique way.

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